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Bullshark Excursions

Bullshark Excursions

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Ready for a good adrenaline moment? Bull Shark diving is the best diving for everyone who loves sharks and who wants to know more about them. 

Every year during the winter months, approx. (December to March) when the water temperature drops a little, you can dive with those awesome sharks in the area of Playa del Carmen.  

We give you the opportunity to enjoy this fabulous experience by taking a closer look at these incredible creatures. Of course,   Diving with the bull sharks must be done in a controlled and safe way. It's why we have her experienced instructors directly from Playa del Carmen.

Meeting at the beach is where you will see your Bull Shark specialist guide who gives a massive explanation of this particular dive with the security and procedure necessary to get adrenaline in a security environment. When we get ready it is time to go climb the boat. With only 10 min driving and after jumping on the water we will go at least 30 minutes surrounded by these amazing creatures.

Are you ready to get the sensational dive of your life?

Qualification required:

  • Excellent buoyancy and air consumption
  • Open Water Certification with a minimum of 20 logged dives
  • Spotless health conditions, no records
  • Feeling of comfort and awareness of risk


  • CONANP Wristbands
  • 1 dive with the shark
  • Diving Gear

Meeting point Playa Coco Beach (Playa del Carmen)


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