Sea Diving Sites


Depth : 9 m – 40 m

Current: low to very strong

Minimum level: Beginners and Open Water Diver (level 1)

The reef in Cozumel was made famous by Jacques Cousteau with a movie of 93 minutes when he discovered it. Full of a big variety of fishes and reefs, Cozumel island offers 40 dive sites, which puts the place inside the 10 best places to go diving in the world. Cozumel has various kinds of reliefs:  Tunnels, wrecks, walls, caverns, gardens, shallow reefs and deep one’s are present so everyone can find his paradise.

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Playa Del Carmen

Depth: 9 m – 40 m

Current: N/A to strong

Minimum level: Beginners and Open Water Diver (level 1)

Playa del Carmen is located in front of the 2nd barrier reef in the world which provides us with 11 Caribbean dive sites. In the morning; advance divers and open water certified divers can go to the south where the spot is more savage and fly in current and could go to some deep dives with a good variety of life. In the afternoon beginners and open water students enjoy the north with shallow reefs, full of life in only a few minutes from the coast in a boat for unforgettable memories.

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Puerto Morelos Wreck C56

Depth: 28 m

Current: Low to strong

Minimum level: Advanced Open Water or Open Water Diver (level 1) + deep dive exp. + 20 dives logged

The wreck in Puerto Morelos it’s an unmissable dive spot for those who love wreck’s diving. With more than 22 years inside the water this wreck is plenty of reef and adaptable for enjoyment at 100% from outside or inside 56 meters long. All year you can get lucky and see beautiful eagle ray’s but if you come in winter your luck to see them by school will increase.

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